Wer wir sind

Where we come from

We are at home in the most diverse areas of the real estate industry. Bringing a wide variety of skills and personal experience backgrounds to the job. What do we have in common? We firmly believe that the city has a great future. With vibrant town centres, highly liveable neighbourhoods, and sustainable urbanity. With a perfectly natural flow between inside and outside, between public and private spheres. And of course with great buildings, spaces and options for city residents.

What we have in mind

We take real estate development one step further. Taking a holistic approach that goes far beyond the actual property. Using innovative ideas and efficient tools to work toward a future worth living in. Mobility, sustainability, liveability, energy efficiency, networking are just a few of the issues that pwr development seeks to address – and will address – through its very own contribution to a new type of urbanity.

Wir sind ein Team

Matthias Baumeister


Sophie Block

Head of Asset Management

Silvana Eva Falk-Ott

Project Director Development Stadtquartiere

Krisztina Guhl

Head of Office Management

Daniel Havers

Executive Director

Sebastian Klatt

Managing Director

Ulrike Sandri

Marketing Manager

Torsten Schuricht

Senior Director

Günther Schwanz

Project Director

Lukas Stricker


Henrike Wonik

Executive Director

Maximilian Zimmer

Project Director

Whom we need

We need clear-minded people. With experience and competence in the most diverse disciplines of the real estate universe. Practitioners who use their heads, and experts with a hands-on attitude. Passion and accountability play a key role in the business of pwr development. And so does an approach that keeps us thinking outside the box of the classic real estate business.


If you want to make a difference by joining our team, do get in touch with us: