Was gibt es Neues

31. August 2023

The Aaron-Bernstein-Platz has officially opened

Since 31 August, not only the new AM TACHELES urban quarter but all of Berlin benefits from an attractive new plaza: After six years in the making, the Aaron-Bernstein-Platz has opened to its neighbours, and of course to all the city’s citizens and visitors to Berlin.


30. September 2021

The urban quarter AM TACHELES celebrates its topping-out

AM TACHELES, an extraordinary place to live, work, shop, enjoy art and culture in the heart of the German capital celebrates its topping-out today. In addition to the extensively renovated former Kunsthaus Tacheles the new quarter encompasses seven residential high-rises of the utmost quality and three office buildings that will offer tenants modern, sustainable spaces. The current schedule envisages the first buildings being ready for occupancy in the second half of 2022.


07. Mai 2020

Insights into the building site AM TACHELES

Day by day the new urban quarter AM TACHELES grows thanks to the untiring commitment of all those involved. If you are interested to see how the construction site evolves you can take a look at our photographs: they display extraordinary points of view that you do not usually get to see.


18. September 2019

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Am Tacheles District

AM TACHELES, one of the last major gaps in Berlin’s Mitte district, is now to be closed after many years. As an architectural highlight of the suburb of Spandau, the Friedrichstrassenpassage, which was opened in 1908, once linked Friedrichstrasse and Oranienburger Strasse. After the area lay fallow for a number of years and was eventually


17. September 2018

Start of Construction

Construction work in the basement has begun

Basements with a gross floor area of approx. 43,000 sqm will be built in five construction phases in the shell construction of the Tacheles area in early 2020. The medium-sized construction company Köster from Osnabrück has been commissioned. Below ground areas will comprise: Up to 4,000 sqm of retail space, with delivery areas, approx. 400


14. Dezember 2017


Just in time for Christmas

A true milestone has been achieved with the on-schedule completion of the excavation pit. Following a long tradition, the completion of the 700-metre-long diaphragm wall was celebrated with the diaphragm wall festival. The diaphragm wall is secured with 400 anchors, embedded 18 metres below the site’s surface.


16. August 2017

After Now

The Book about the Am Tacheles area is now also available in Bookstores

Nowhere else do typical Berlin contrasts meet so impressively as in the district of Mitte. And nowhere does something so exciting and new emerge from these disruptions. With history in tow, Tacheles merges local traditions with international influences into a distinctive address, a cosmopolitan home.


17. Juli 2017

Found Objects

Foundations of the Reform Synagogue in Johannisstrasse

At Johannisstraße 16, the foundations of the former reform synagogue have been uncovered during deep debris removal – the work was overseen by Berlin’s Monument Authority and the experts at Archaeofakt. We are delighted to have been able to hand over a 3D laser scan of the foundations to the Centrum Judaicum, which will be


18. April 2017

Completion of Deep Debris Removal

Die vorbereitende Tiefenenttrümmerung auf dem Areal am Tacheles ist fristgerecht abgeschlossen. Mit archäologischer Begleitung wurden bis zu 4 m ausgehoben. Jetzt kann die Arbeit an der eigentlichen Baugrube beginnen. Die geplante Bauzeit beträgt ca. 36 Monate. Dabei müssen insgesamt 325.000 Kubikmeter Aushub in einer Tiefe bis zu 12 m abgefahren werden. Beauftragt ist eine ARGE


14. März 2017

A New Office

PWR Development moves to Hackescher Markt

Even project developers have to navigate the complexities of the Berlin office market: Increased demand and an extremely tight supply, especially for spaces under 500 sqm, have not made the search for new premises any easier for us either. We spent six months searching for suitable offices; now we are finally ready to get back


08. September 2016

Submission of first Building Applications planned for November

Three Berlin Architectural Offices to plan the Redevelopment of Tacheles Site

Three Berlin offices will plan the development and renovation of the Tacheles site together with the Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron: Grüntuch Ernst Architekten, Kahlfeldt Architekten and the Brandlhuber + Muck Petzet office. In addition to the renovation of the buildings at Friedrichstraße 112 a + b, Oranienburger Straße 54 and the former Tacheles,


14. August 2016

In the Footsteps of History

This is how the architects of Herzog & de Meuron describe their urban development concept

There is almost no other city in the world where the layers of history, whether created by constructive or destructive forces, are as clear and tangible as in Berlin. This creates an urban fabric that is composed and shaped by a variety of urban and architectural influences, marked by the injuries of war, the post-war…


01. März 2016

Auf dem „Areal am Tacheles“ starten die Bauarbeiten

On April 4th, a new era is about to begin at the “Areal am Tacheles” site in Berlin. The real estate developer “pwr development GmbH” will start with the preliminary excavation work. Diggers will be deployed to remove the remains of the Friedrichstrassenpassage arcade dating back to 1909, and to prepare the site for the


02. Oktober 2015

Vorstellung Bebauungsplan

pwr development stellt zusammen mit Herzog & de Meuron die Planung für das Projekt auf dem Areal um das ehemalige Tacheles vor Am 30. September 2015 wurde die aktuelle Bebauungsplanung für das Baugrundstück an der Friedrichstraße und Oranienburger Straße dem Ausschuss für Stadtentwicklung, Sanieren, Bauen und Bebauungspläne des Bezirks Mitte vorgestellt. Im Anschluss an eine


25. September 2014

Gap site between Friedrichstrasse and Hackescher Markt to be developed

Perella Weinberg Real Estate acquires former “Tacheles” compound

An investment fund associated with Perella Weinberg Real Estate (PWRE) acquired the site which extends over c. 25,300 sqm and which is home to the buildings Friedrichstrasse 112a + b and the remains of the Friedrichstrassen-Passagen mall known as the former “Tacheles” art venue. PWRE intends to develop the compound, a brownfield for many years