Was wir machen

Real Estate Development

pwr development turns ideas into places. Sustainable, user-oriented, and well-considered end to end. Our focus is on inner cities and on everything that defines an open, future-proof urbanity: Highly liveable housing. Vibrant retail businesses. Innovative work environments. Attractive hotels. Public spheres with great ambience and quality of stay.

As a developer, and together with our investors, we are committed to superior quality. Our tenants and users are individuals and organisations. Authorities and body politic, neighbours, societal initiatives, and not least the environment set the framework in which we conceive and realize buildings.

In order to meet the special requirements in the conception and marketing of high-quality condominiums, we have founded our subsidiary company AM TACHELES Residential Development GmbH.

Asset Management

pwr development relies on active asset management. Rather than managing the status quo, we prioritise the strategic redevelopment and optimization of a given property. The objective is improvement. It includes the comprehensive restructuring and the both need-driven and user-oriented repositioning of buildings requiring an intense letting effort.

We do not think of profitability and user friendliness as mutually exclusive. Rather, sustainable success is about keeping both sides content.

Investment Management

pwr development sees real estate as a holistic task – from the moment you buy to the time you sell. It start with the acquisition process, whether you buy land or existing buildings. We will identify investment opportunities, coordinate due diligences, and compile development surveys, structure both the acquisition vehicles and the financing arrangements, and will handle the contract negotiations. This connects seamlessly with property development and asset management in the next step – the key word being vertical integration.

Eventually, the cycle terminates with a property's disposal, strategically prepared by us and responsibly transacted.

How we do it

And simply sound.

pwr development employs competence, experience and curiosity. The key is not to do everything differently. But wherever it matters, we strive to do a better job. For us, there is no better way to approach innovative solutions than by transferring know-how and by reducing complexity. It is usually better to keep things simple and reliable rather than compromising efficiency with an overly complex approach. A key ingredient is always communication – with all project stakeholders. And for as long as it takes to achieve true consensus. We are more than willing to invest the extra time.

And sustainably different.

Sustainability the way we see it starts with accountability. It also includes reliability. And the sensible use of resources. Finding and applying new techniques. Anticipating both expectations and change processes. Repeatedly testing alternative scenarios. And making decisions. It is all part of the process. And we consider ourselves responsible for all of it.