The Aaron-Bernstein-Platz has officially opened

Since 31 August, not only the new AM TACHELES urban quarter but all of Berlin benefits from an attractive new plaza: After six years in the making, the Aaron-Bernstein-Platz has opened to its neighbours, and of course to all the city’s citizens and visitors to Berlin.

Embedded in timeless and extraordinary architecture, the new plaza encourages you to spend a while and leisurely wander around. Almost 50 newly planted trees are fast transforming the urban quarter into a green lung in the heart of Berlins. Now an exciting urban space functions as an inviting pedestrian zone linking Friedrichstrasse to Oranienburger Strasse, and soon to Johannisstrasse, too.

The square takes its name from Aaron Bernstein, the German Jewish writer, scientist, and co-founder of Berlin’s Jewish Reform Community. In this way, the AM TACHELES urban quarter is honouring the district’s multifaceted Jewish past: The former Jewish Reform synagogue stood on Johannisstrasse, in the southern section of the urban quarter.

With the opening of Aaron-Bernstein-Platz, almost all the public spaces in the new AM TACHELES urban quarter area are now accessible and ready to be enjoyed. The quarter in Berlin’s Mitte district is gradually opening to the public. Thus, the internationally renowned Fotografiska museum concept has already located to the former Kunsthaus Tacheles and from mid-September will be surprising us all with exhibitions, cultural events, and special hospitality services. Back in June, REWE and Rossmann both opened large branches here, supporting people both in the quarter and in the entire district. Two thirds of the commercial properties have already been let and almost 90% of the condominiums around Aaron-Bernstein-Platz have already been bought.

Sebastian Klatt, Managing Director of pwr development:

“We are delighted to open Aaron-Bernstein-Platz and thus not only cut the ribbon on another plaza in the new AM TACHELES urban quarter but also complete another important step in this exciting project. For us, this also means that we are now handing a marvellous and enjoyable plaza over to Berliners as well as all the visitors to our great city; it is destined to be a new meeting point, a square that offers new perspectives, and encourages you to leisurely tarry a while. Its unique design, many different service offerings, and exceptional greenery will hopefully soon lead to it becoming a favourite place at the heart of Berlin’s Mitte district.”